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     Most people think that Lyme is just flu symptoms along with a headache and a bullseye rash. Lyme is so much more. Below, you will find the most comprehensive list. Please know that a patient will not have all these symptoms. Only 15% of patients, in a Yale study, ever remember a tick bite. Less than 50% of patients ever see a rash and it isn't always a bullseye rash. Lyme patients may have pain that comes and goes and migrates around their body. A week later, they may have digestive issues. Every patient is different. It depends how long they have been infected and what coinfections they may have. One patient only had frequent headaches and frequent upset stomach. When the young teenager started having her anxiety increase, she was tested and was CDC positive. 





Attention Deficit disorder

Brain fog - some have described it as an out-of-body experience. 

Distorted memory of an event

Easily disoriented

Easily lost even after driving the same way every day.

Loss of patience

Memory issues so interrupts people so they don't forget what they wanted to say

Performance goes down at work or school.


Response time is very limited

Short term memory

Trouble recognizing people

Trouble with spelling- letters may switch (dyslexia)

Unable to complete tasks

Unable to concentrate

Unable to make decisions

Unable to multi-task

Unable to make plans

Unable to process conversations

Unable to read

Unable to retain information

Mimics Alzheimers, many patients have been misdiagnosed with Alzheimers



(Lyme Loves The Mouth)


Chronic gingivitis
Difficult to chew and/or swallow and/or talk

Infection in jaw bone

Many cavities

Jaw pain- may be misdiagnosed with TMJ or arthritis in the joint

Painful or swollen gums gums

Pain in mouth
Receding gums

Thinning enamel

Tooth pain












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